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e-P Manager is an online application for property management.
Hotel, Hostels, Appartments, Bed&Breakfast, Villas, Guesthouse owners can manage their property.

Property management goes from room assignment to each reservation you receive, to planning that next repair, to give guests the best getaway experience during their stay at your property.

e-P Manager is PCI Compliant. It meets all the requirements of the Payment Card Industry.
e-P Manager works in partnership with Cubilis from Stardekk. All room information and reservation from all booking agencies are forwarded to our platform where you can manage everything from just one place.
e-web creator is an indepenant platform that enables users to build multiple web projects. This application can be used by both members who have absolutely no knowledge in web programming or designing and those who are webmasters. The system proposes a list of templates that respond to your requirements.

For advance users, you can select and modify hundreds of variables of your web pages. Upon completion, it will generate all the necesarry files and pages into your personal folder that you can download and upload to your web hosting server.

e-Web Creator features over than 27 modules or plugins !
What makes e-web creator stands out is it's ability to manage the contents of your website without using any data base ! It can generate dynamic PHP files with multiple level encryption to prevent hacking or simple static HTML files. Thus, users who have small web hosting packages that comes with no SQL data base can also use this application... e-web creator is for EVERYONE !!!
Prompted by our deep fascination with tropical cyclone, my friends and I decided to write a small computer programm to could calculate and predict (base on trends and current dynamics) the intensity of a cyclone 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours out. As well as the trajectory of the storm. It was first written in BASIC way back in 1989, then evolved with C++, and now in Python.
The core module, is a 3D-multi-layer model sectioned in a grid 110x110 km based.

Equations that governs the movement of fluids, thermodynamics of gases and liquids... 3D gradient functions are used to process incoming data from air, ground, sea and space... to output 3D vectorial grid where every vector gives wind direction and velocity, and Isobars giving isometric atmospheric pressure with heights and over surface.

Improvements done over the last 7 years on our equations, computer codes and computing hardware have help us to simulate forecasted scenarioes with better accuracy. Forecast tracks and Intensity goes out up to 3 days in advance.

We are also pushing research in the direction of cyclogenesis in aim to predict the formation of cyclones before it happens.
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