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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to help take you and your business into the future by using tomorrow's technology to answer to today's needs.
Our mission it set on visual and functionality innovations. We believe that technology should make life easier... it should always work and be simple to use, for everyone.

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B&K IT Solutions offers a large spectum of services from computer lessons and repairs to programming automated intergrated systems for large companies or robotics.
We beleive in excellency and effeciency.

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Our current projects involve bulding and developing an educational plateform, a property management application, hosting and web development.
We are also analyzing and improving the algorithmes and equations of our weather forecast computer model.

How does it work ?

Select a service category, then click the "send us a request" button. In the modal, select an option to view the price and send us a request with your name, phone number and email address.
We will evaluate your request and send you back a response in which you can confirm the offer. Upon confirmation, you will receive a link to pay (by iDeal or Bank Transfer)
If a payment plan was proposed, then after the first downpayment received, we will begin classes or working on your project.

We offer a complete tutorial of Microsoft Office, Internet and Security classes starting from 320 EUR.
This 16 hours session includes: Zoom (online) classes, online excercises and exams + certificate.

We offer a complete tutorial of Internet security, e-Commerce, programming in CSS + HTML + PHP + MySQL + Javascript, a dynamic web application as project. These classes are available starting from 620 EUR.
This 20 hours session includes: Zoom (online) classes, online excercises and exams + certificate.

We analyze your website, propose a methodological study and adjustment of your page titles, descriptions and keywords as well as other tags withing your pages to get that high ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We also create and submit an XML sitemap + robot text files and profile to various search engines
In addition we offer social media promotion. This service is available from 120 EUR / month (based on a minimum of 6-month contract)

From a personalized CRM that catters to your business-specific needs, or any online web application to assist you in managing: clients, invoices, reservations, agenda, messages, files/documents,... to a personalized chat-room, chatbot with A.I capability, we program it all !
We meet and study your case intensively in a consultation, then we propose an optimal solution to your requirements.
This service is available from 30 EUR / hour (based on a contract. Please send us an email).

We build and develop mobile apps: hybrid, Android and for iOs.

You can contact us at anytime (even outside office hours) by using the form below: